野餐市集 Picnic Market

Updated: Feb 26, 2020



On this morning, we have a picnic market for everyone to come to our farm for a fun market. There have a lot of food, drinks, fruits and vegetables, games, toy bags, a variety of entertainment activities for childrens to experience!

美食 . 饮品 . 新鲜蔬果 | Foods . Drinks . VegeFruits

  • 黑松露培根通心粉、熏鸡饭、焦烤蜜糖番薯、茶叶蛋等等 bacon macaroni, smoked chicken rice, baked sweet potato and so on.

  • 森芭咖啡、 香茅姜茶、番薯糖水、羽衣甘蓝果汁等等 sempah coffee, lemongrass ginger, sweet potato, kale juice and so on.

  • 富贵豆、田七叶、番薯、玉米、凤梨、百香果等等 tian-qi leaves, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, pineapples, passion fruit and so on.

菜园导览 . 各种娱乐活动 | Farm Tour . Activities



At the same time, we also have farm tour for you to visit our farm and introduce the various crops, such as hydroponic plants, vegetables and fruits. Children can also experience fishing, catching frogs, catching dragonflies, little plumber, little painter!

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