Farm To yours table

Farm To yours table

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Farm To yours table


我们森芭梯田正式扩大到吉隆坡 - 雪隆区!我们上门为您烹饪精致的美食给您和您尊敬的贵宾,美食佳肴我们一手包办,那么您可以从活动中节省更多时间在菜单上。在餐饮服务业,我们拥有非常丰富的经验与热诚。 从您的活动主题到我们的精致的菜单,我们会提供良好的装备。  

Every time we hold any event, we need to spend a lot of time on the preparation. In order to save time for convenience, I believe that many people who want to do events will choose the company/teams door-to-door service. Whether it's a birthday party, a baby's full moon, a wedding dinner, or a corporate dinner, buffet service is sure to come in handy. 

Sempah T-Farm has been officially expanded to Kuala Lumpur! We can cook exquisite food for you and your distinguished guests, we believe you can save more time on the menu. We have a wealth of experience and passion in the foodservice industry. From your event's theme to our exquisite menu, we will provide good equipment.  

private cuisine

Whether for a birthday party, friends gathering, a private party or simply for enjoyment, our chefs can come to your doorstep cook exquisite private cuisines. The chef can also provide you with different dishes by season for you to choose according to your personal preference.

Company celebration


Whether it's a professional dinner, a company celebration dinner, or any other occasion, you can always invite our chefs to come and cook the exquisite food for your guests or staff. You can communicate with guests and give them a new dining experience.

Our chef will customize the menu for you and come to your banquet in person on the date you require to prepare a fine dinner for you and your distinguished guests. Our goal is to find the best way for you to promote and enjoy the most high-end refined private cuisine, and do our best to provide you with the required services. 

​结婚宴会 Wedding 

结婚,是一件甜蜜的事,每个人都希望能这是一个最完美的“moment” 珍惜这个一生一次的特殊日子,营造一个终身难忘的婚礼。我们的主厨会为您的婚宴佳肴一手包办,让您和尊敬的贵宾有个独特用餐的体验!


Marriage is a lovely thing, everyone hopes to be the most perfect "moment". Cherish this once in a lifetime and create a memorable wedding. Our chef will prepare all the dishes for your wedding banquet, giving you and your distinguished guests a unique dining experience!

The chef will customize the menu for you and come to your banquet on the date that you require and to prepare a fine dinner for you and your guests. Our goal is to find the most comfortable way for you to enjoy high-end and private cuisine and do our best to provide you with the required service.  

Chef Ki Hong

Malaysia celebrity chef

想要与您挚爱的家人或朋友享受高端精致的用餐体验吗? !只要6位至20位或以上,我们的名厨 Chef Ki Hong就会亲自去到您的居所,为您和您的客人准备精致的宴会。

You wish to have a fine-dining experience with your beloved family & friends?  We offer you to invite Chef Ki Hong to come to your prefered place and will prepare for you and your guests a personalized dinner.  We hope you will enjoy the veggies as much as we do preparing them for you.