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Sempah Steamboat

森芭火锅是以自耕高山蔬果配合创意料理设计的山中火锅之夜!  【森芭火锅】晚餐时段提供。一种火锅给您七种不一样的体验!闻着浓郁清香的火锅汤底,桌上摆满丰富多样的食材,如:海鲜类、肉类、蔬菜类、菇类等等,再来我们还提供了不同的佐料,来刺激您的味蕾!  

Sempah Steamboat is a special steamboat night with creative food design and vegetable cultivation! You can get different taste experiences! The table is filled with various ingredients, such as seafood, meat, vegetables, mushrooms, etc. We also provide seasonings to stimulate your taste buds!

WA menu night-01-01.png
WA menu night-02-02.png


Dear Customers,


Once you did reservation, do have to pay RM100 deposit to our account.


Bank Details:

Hong Leong Bank 187-0004-5903

Canton Recipe Sdn. Bhd


Kindly send your reservation receipt to 011-1233 4988.
And pay the balance in cash on the day.

Thank you.

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