Sempah T-Farm has launched The Nine Gift box!  “The Nine Gift

Box”, which means that the banquet is very “good luck ”, to eat the best and most advanced delicacies.


So, The dishes in this box include pork, chicken, fish, mushrooms, dumplings and other ingredients, which are combined into a "The Nine Gift Box".


Each gift box is freshly pre-made and ready to order. Whether it is to send gifts to relatives and friends or enjoy with your family. Just use the microwave to warm up each dish and enjoy it!

The Nine Happiness Box :

5-6pax RM268/ per box

8-10 pax RM398 / per box

★ Storage time : 30days ( keep it chill/stock in a refrigerator before serving)  

The Nine Gift Box

can solve in 60 minutes


Smoked Chicken

Free Range Chicken | Salt | Tea

Cooking Instructions:

steam for 20 minutes

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-11 at 1.17.18 PM

Sesame oil Badin with Ginger

Badin fish | ginger | soy sauce

Cooking Instructions:

steam for 10 minutes
(add sesame oil & ginger)


Sauna Pork

Pork belly  | salt | seasoning 

Cooking Instructions:

Steam for 20 minutes

Spring Roll

Tofu skin | pork belly | onion | egg

Cooking Instructions:

microwave 5-8 minutes or
fry until golden color

Brown Sauce Lotus

Lotus | Sugar | Glutinous rice

Cooking Instructions:

steam for 20 minutes

Leek dumplings

Leek | flour | salt | oil | soy sauce

Cooking Instructions:

steam for 20 minutes

Oysters and mushroom

Mushroom | oyster | fatt choy vege 

Cooking Instructions:

microwave or steam for 15 minutes

​Truffle Oil Mushroom Rice

Mushroom |  seasoning | Pearl Rice

Cooking Instructions:

Steam for 10 minutes 

Fish Maw with Dried Scallop

swim bladder | soy sauce | seasoning

Cooking Instructions:

microwave or steam for 10 minutes 

3 major problems can solve in

60 minutes!


Mom doesn't have to cook

Almost on a special festival, mothers are so busy in the kitchen for cooking, that they don't even have time to sit down and talk to their children. We are launching 【The Nine Happiness Box】 the meaning of the ceremony is to want a family in this Chinese New Year, let’s chopsticks in hand, to eat a full table of dishes, feeling full of the joyful atmosphere of the New Year!


Don't wait in queue outside the restaurant

Many times during the Special Festival, there are a lot of restaurants are hard to book and time to enjoy a meal with family and friends is very limited, so here’s 【The Nine Happiness Box】consider eating together at home, where nine dishes can be prepared in 60 minutes. 


Uncomplicated cooking

All the dishes will be processed into frozen-ready convenience packages. You just need to unpack them and put them in the dishes and get them warm.