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田野日 Sempah Day

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

【森芭梯田】位于就坐落在云顶山脚下,无论上下云顶或来往东海岸之间都会途经此地, 更重要的是,这里离开大吉隆坡只需区区30分钟的车程。在每逢周末早上11am, 在用餐前会有个菜园导览,讲解我们的菜园各种各样的蔬果。孩子们则会体验当小渔夫 学习捞鱼、与小昆虫近距离接触,闻闻各种有气味的食材等等。这项活动是特别给来到我们菜园用餐的顾客们。

Every weekend, we have an extra small farm excursion and some activity, which can understand the planting and growth process of vegetables, the smell of experience of a variety of odorous ingredients, learning to catch fish, getting close with insects and so on.

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