Sempah LanZhou beef noodle is adapted from the early years of the Qing Dynasty when it was a delicacy for high-ranking officials and the upper classes.


A bowl of Lanzhou beef noodles is about one; clear, two; white, three; red, four; green and five; yellow. Soup, white turnip slices, red chilli oil, green coriander and garlic sprout, and yellow noodles.


Complete the beef noddle experience with some pickles, beef platter and bamboo tea!

【拼盘】牛肚 牛臀 牛腱 Tripe, buttock, tendon
【泡菜】酸菜 包泡菜 白泡菜 Chinese Kimchi
【凉茶】竹蔗茅根 bamboo cane tea

汤清 Soup

牛肉拼盘 Beef Platter

拉面 Ramen

芹菜葱花 celery onion

泡菜 Chinese Kimchi

红油辣椒 Red Chili Oil

Cooking Instruction: the beef is vacuum-packed, you may steam/boiled for 15 minutes after receiving. 


How to enjoy: Place the all ingredients and noodles in a bowl, drizzle over the hot soup, and serve with celery, onion and chili oil.

After enjoying LanZhou Premium beef noodles, come to a cup of Bamboo cane tea to solve greasily!



Premium Beef Noodles Set 

  • 状元牛肉面会以碗盒包装
    Beef Noodle pack in a box

  • 泡菜和凉茶玻璃瓶装
    Pickles and Bamboo Tea in bottle


  • 全套可供4-6人共享 
    Portion for 4-6pax

  • 新鲜制作, 收到后可直接食用
    Hot food, ready to eat